Bespoke Training

PIX 1Engaging with your team of professionals in experiential team building is an excellent way to unite a group of people in a short period, specifically if your group becomes a cohesive unit through the shared experience.

We believe that customized experiential team training specifically addressing your organizational goals and requirements  can make a difference to your success.

This training provides our facilitators with a deeper insight into the personalities that make up your teams, giving you the opportunity to decide whether you have a winning combination working together.

We have many different team-building ideas that will ensure fun and real life experiences for your team. We work with you to create a meaningful impact in the lives of your team members and the company success barometers.  We give feedback on your team members’ personality traits – both individually and at the group level – recommending those  ‘Next Generation Leaders’ based on individual behaviors and performances during the experiential training.

 The participants quickly learn to engage effectively in our customized training programs that closely relate to their business/project structure. Understanding team and group dynamics is a vital element that ensures an efficient, cohesive and successful business culture. With this backdrop in the training environment, participants get an in-depth personal experience as they inter-relate and get to know their fellow team members.

 Most people tend to exhibit different personality traits and characteristics in different environments.   Research has shown that an individual’s behavior and characteristics can be divided into four primary “personality styles”- Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Conscientiousness – with some overlaps of course. With a new understanding and appreciation of their own and other team members’ responses, stressors and reactions, individuals are better able to understand how best to work together as a team to achieve a common goal.

 Select the training topics from our various menus and customise your training for your team. If you think that you need something different, our team can develop activities that are unique to your organization. We offer both indoor and outdoor programs, as well as our successful ‘blended’ approach that we recommend. Having worked with various companies, we have experience of global corporations, government bodies, and local organizations.


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