Communication Training

PIX 1Effective communication is essential for the success in different situations, both at work and personally. This communications training is designed to develop and improve communication skills related to various roles in organizations. It covers important topics like:

Dealing with situations that threaten the status quo. We also explore methods for managing complicated social areas in a business environment.

Obtaining strategies for turning presentations into conversations, engaging your audience and exploring the relationship from both sides of the table. Conversational dynamics is also a part of this session.

Improve your negotiation abilities by exploring the various techniques that turn it from ‘sales talk’ into ‘relationship walk.’ Understand why active listening and back-channeling are crucial to your success.

Learn and analyze methods for doing your share of the ‘talk work.’ Find out how to deal with factors you do not have control over and how they affect the way we have conversations. This includes interpreting the meaning behind words people use to make connections work well. Also learn how to redirect inappropriate conversations or questions.

Our communication training and sessions are as follows:

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