Innovation Training

PIX 3The best way to be innovative is to practice being creative. In this training essential skills will be developed to improve your team’s ability to generate ideas – good ideas, creative ideas, working ideas – in less time than they did before.

You need your team to create their ideas fluently, without experiencing the usual stop-start as they look for the best solution. We know that our brains are wired to think inside boxes and the term ‘out-of-the-box-thinking” sets you up for disappointment. We can help your team maximise their creativity, teach them how to look at challenges from different perspectives and work out those mental kinks that ‘hangs’ them up and burns man-hours.

The exercises are designed to help them find their creative strengths, both individually and collectively. They will learn how to use those key creative skills to get the best for your business – flexibility, flow and originality. We show you methods to unpack the ‘kinks’ and get on with making sustainable connections to ideas that impact positively on the bottom line.