Team Development

5 Dysfunctions of a Team
The flagship product of this service is the 3 day workshop written by Patrick Lencioni. This program takes your teams through the many pitfalls that most organizations face as teams strive to work together, to achieve together. It is a program that managers who lead teams need, either as a “leveller” for new teams or an ignition experience for existing teams to gel and be successful, together.

There are follow-up sessions with the team to ensure that the new tools are entrenched and working efficiently until the tools are normalised into the team’s operational procedures. A ‘must-do’ programme to create fully functional units.

“Teams that play together, learn and stay together.”
The Strategy Defined formula for experiential learning events is designed around your company learning needs. These main focus of these events is always the learning component, but the complementary focus of the experiential elements highlight team dynamics and the characters of future scions.

Your team will have a fantastic time learning and ‘playing’ together, a strong bond is the result. The ‘wrap-up’ immediately after the experiential components cement the learning obtained from the classroom activities. The team finds it easier to share their knowledge and bring it into the conscious learning space – they finalise their learning process by doing their own S.W.O.T analysis on the experience. Most people report experiencing a closer working relationship with their team after this experience.


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