Project Governance

Effective governance ensures that the project is aligned to organizational objectives, and is delivered efficiently. This process ensures primary stakeholders are provided with reliable, relevant and timely information.

The Strategy Defined team will work with your project management team to ensure that:

Your processes and procedures are in alignment with world-class standards
Overall responsibility for the governance of project management is clear and communicated
The roles, responsibilities and performance standards for project management governance are well defined and transparent (APA: The Definition Of Project Governance. (n.d.). Retrieved from
The discipline of processed and controls are consistently applied to FEL 1 through FEL 4
The project management team can demonstrate ongoing alignment to corporate strategy through project objectives
Projects have an approved plan with clear levels of authority which must be recorded and communicated, when the business case is reviewed and approved
The project must provide a framework for effective delegation with sufficient representation, competence, authority including resources for project decision-making
The project is supported by relevant and realistic information providing a reliable basis for making decisions and informed choices
Independent scrutiny of projects and project management systems as part of project assurance responsibilities
Clearly defined criteria for reporting project status, and for the escalation of risks and issues to the appropriate level of authority is in place and practiced
The project team fosters the culture of improvement and encourages open reporting while upholding solid Trend and Change Management procedures
Projects stakeholders fill appropriate roles contributing to the success of the project



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