Supplier Development

Happy young woman working on laptop and looking upAt the end of 2007, the Department of Public Enterprises (DPE) established the Competitive Supplier Development Programme (CSDP). This policy was developed for State Owned Companies (SOC’s) with the main aim being to increase the competitiveness, capacity and capability of the local supply base, while furthering the long-term commercial interests of the SOC’s.

President Jacob Zuma during his Inaugural Speech (2009) stated “It is my pleasure and honour to highlight the key elements of our programme of action. The creation of (decent) work will be at the centre of our economic policies and will influence our investment attraction and job creation initiatives. In line with our undertakings, we have to forge ahead to promote a more inclusive economy.”

Government has initiated a drive for infrastructural development by all of the State Owned Companies (SOCs) to stimulate industrial growth and meet demand. The planned investment in infrastructure expansion, coupled with preferential procurement policies, will require that local suppliers be in a strong position to operate efficiently and reliably.

In essence this means that in order to align with the CSDP, Project Owners and Managers need a supplier development plan that:

•   Enables small businesses to compete successfully in the economy

•   Enhance the capability, capacity and efficiency of local suppliers

•   Encourages Small , Medium and Micro Enterprise (SME) development

•   Foster and develop B-BBEE Skills

•   Provides job creation opportunities

Supplier Development Training

SuppDevThis training sets a foundation for improving the supply chain effectiveness, cost efficiencies and competitiveness for the project execution industry. Our Supplier Development program is designed to support your Supplier through the learning curves required to be successful – we can adjust the program to suit your requirements.

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